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Papa K's Rescue BBQ LLC

Pit Boss, Jeff  & Papa Kenneth 

The Rescue Smoker

There are a few events in a person's life that define them and mold them into the person they are today. One of those events that brought our Rescue Smoker (Jeff) to where he is today was the passing of his father, Kenneth, (Papa K) in 2019. Cooking for his family was one of the most important and frequent talents Kenneth shared with his people.  Grilling and smoking meats is now one of the past times for Jeff that keeps Kenneth in our thoughts and close to our hearts...

What's in a Name?

Papa K:  He is the heart and soul of this operation, named after my father in law, Kenneth. His love for gathering people and eating well was ever present in his small kitchen. His grill never turned off in the summer months, his freezer had enough meat and veggies to feed armies, and he proudly kept it stocked for any size occasion.

Rescue: Grief is a hard thing, whether a person is prepared for a big change or it happens by surprise, it takes a lot to come to grips and find the new normal.

After his passing in 2019, getting back to grilling and smoking meats is what pulled Jeff back from the grief and keeps Kenneth ever present. 

Jeff has always had a passion for being he rescuer, he was a volunteer fireman for the Pennock Volunteer Firefighters for 13+ years as well as a First Responder, helping people out of all kinds of situations. He knows the hearts of our hero’s and appreciates all they do for their communities. Amber spent over 20 years as a public school teacher working with many staff and students needing a little rescuing too. 

Now Jeff can focus on fixing those hunger pains 

BBQ: and it all cumulates with the best, hand crafted, slow smoked, tender and delicious pork, beef and chicken dishes. He continues to work on techniques to bring you the finest meats and sides available.

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